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get pro results from home:

with our plant keratin-infused haircare that delivers scientifically proven results to revive your damaged, color-treated hair to its healthiest & shiniest! 

JENIA HAIR Signature Shampoo is formulated to gently yet effectively cleanse the hair and scalp without stripping its natural oils.


Refines all hair types, textures, and lengths, especially hair needing some love. 


jenia hair Intensive Hair Treatment is formulated to restore and refine damaged and color-treated hair from the cortex level to a cuticle surface.


Get stronger hair after just one use. And it's also a heat protectant!  


Discover the scientific nature by JENIA HAIR

Our clean, innovative formulas combine the power of nature with science to give a new life to color-treated, damaged, dry, or stressed hair. 

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When haircare feels like a ritual

Delivering scientifically proven results with the dreamiest textures ever and the signature niche scent


"Their innovative formulas combine the power of nature with science give a new life to damaged, dry, or stressed hair."

"This plant-based hair mask is designed to be a "dessert for your hair", which looks and smells delicious. But don't be deceived by its innocent appearance! This innovative formula aims to tackle processed and dry hair in need of some TLC."


"It's a plant-based hair treatment with vegetal keratin and organic oils.With a light pink creamy, dreamy texture it has been dubbed a "dessert for your hair."

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