Waffle Linen Hair Towel

Our luxurious limited edition Waffle Linen Hair Towel reduces frizz, makes the hair texture smoother and shinier, and dries hair in half the time!


Dimensions: 75x26. Sizing may slightly vary by color. 65% linen + 35% cotton. 

     a must-have for healthy hair?

  • Woven with an eco-friendly mix of linen and cotton fabric that quickly and gently wicks water away - cutting dry time in half.

  • While traditional terry cloth towels can cause damage to the hair, linen fabric contains no cross fibers, it's anti-static and reduces frizz.

  •  Linen is extremely absorbent. It's able to absorb up to 20-percent moisture before it even starts to feel damp!

  • It prevents breakage, strengthens strands, and adds shine!

      Protect your hair from damage

  • Our highly absorbent waffle hair towel is perfect for all hair types — curly hair, delicate hair, straight hair, and especially weak and damaged hair.

  • A linen hair towel is a simple, affordable beauty tool that can make a big difference in your beauty routine and hair health.

JENIA HAIR Waffle Linen Hair Towel is a shower time essential. Pair it with our healing bomb - Intensive Hair Treatment for happy, healthy, and glossy hair!


  1. Flip head forward, placing wrap on the back of the head with a button at the nape of the neck.

  2. Twist wrap and secure in place by fastening the loop to the button.

  3. Leave the wrap on while you finish getting ready.

  4. Remove when hair is damp and style hair as usual.



antimicrobial fabric apart from moisture wicking abilities, JENIA HAIR linen luxurious hair towel is also a naturally antimicrobial fabric, giving you extra protection against musty odors.


LIGHTWEIGHT waffle Linen Hair Towel is naturally lighter than terry cloth ones, which is why they may be your go-to choice when you take them to the beach, gym, or on trips. 

ADDS COMFORT the seemingly simple addition of a way to secure your hair towel on your head means you can check your email, put on your makeup, or even fix your bed or do other chores — all while your hair is drying.

DURABILITY linen towels are preferred in many parts of Europe, thanks to their durability. Think of them as an investment.

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Buying linen and cotton towels is good for the environment, and linen is considered an eco-friendly fabric. The flax plant and cotton can be grown without pesticides and other chemicals. Linen manufacturing also produces very little waste, as every part of the flax plant is used and considered organic.

Eco-friendly & sustainable

Image by Urszula Trojanowska