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Hi, I'm Evgenia Arzhanovich - the founder of JENIA HAIR.

My journey started when I decided to go blonde, and my thin and wavy by nature hair became weak and easy to break. The situation got worse with each new decoloration I had. (Oh, blondes can relate!) So it seemed that my dream of having long golden hair would never come true. And all the fine hair products I used gave me a quick result, not fixing my hair from the inside and making it healthy but covering its flaws. My hair was constantly weak and breaking off as fast as it grew so it wouldn't gain length.

So I've become inspired to cover each blonde's pain (including myself) by creating an intensive restoring haircare that works for blondes and delivers visible, pro-like results at home in your very own shower. Most importantly, it strengthens your color-treated strands, so you will finally see them grow!


Thus, after years of testing & making, JENIA HAIR was born. Let's say goodbye to hair extensions and grow healthy, glossy locks! Jenia Hair Signature set does not mask the flaws of your hair but heals it from the inside out.  


This is the story behind the creation of JENIA HAIR, a brand that focuses on color-treated weak blonde hair. Of course, any woman struggling with dry and damaged hair that is not strong enough to grow can also benefit from JENIA HAIR products.

Love, Jenia.


Being a product perfectionist, I wanted to give you all-in-one perfect, high-performance products with a refined signature scent, delicate chick color and texture, packed in the cutest eco-friendly jars!​ With JENIA HAIR, haircare is no longer routine, it's a true ritual. We want to transform the way you care for your strands so that those routines become something you love and enjoy as much as we do. 


"JENIA HAIR is mindfully created haircare made with 95% natural ingredients including vegan keratin in Italy. In our clean, innovative formulas, we combined the power of nature with science to give a new life to color-treated, damaged, dry or stressed hair.'


JENIA HAIR stands for ethically beautiful haircare. Because of her love for animals & nature, our founder Evgenia becomes a vegetarian at 12. Her life philosophy influenced the philosophy of JENIA HAIR as a brand as she gathers a team of like-minded people, animals & nature lovers & decides to incorporate an ethical mindset & the clean beauty philosophy into each decision of the brand.   

Pulizia della spiaggia


JENIA HAIR seeks to reduce our impact on the environment & to make the world a healthier place. Our products are formulated using a sustainable and transparent mindset and don't contain any harmful ingredients.


JENIA HAIR has started an initiative to support Sea Shepherd Italy, a non-profit organization committed to protecting the Mediterranean ecosystem. In addition, we plan to donate a part of the income to help fight ocean plastic pollution and participate in different environmental projects

please recycle

Follow us on Instagram @jeniahair to find out our giving back efforts and learn about all the process. The plastic we use is 100% recyclable. The moment there's something better, we will use it.


Please recycle your empties.



Our ingredients matter! JENIA HAIR Signature Innovative Bio-Complex is based on 95% natural ingredients with a high concentration of vegetal keratin, precious organic oils & plants, minerals, polyunsaturated fatty & amino acids.

JENIA HAIR Signature Set is formulated to heal particularly damaged, fragile, color-treated blonde & stressed hair.



All JENIA HAIR products are free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, paraffin, petrolatum, glycols, petrochemicals, animal derivatives, formaldehyde, and other toxic and harmful ingredients. 


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